Tuesday, 3 November 2009

To vaccinate or to not vaccinate?

My husband has always believed that it is just short of criminal not to vaccinate. It's harmful not only to the child, but to the community at large. Recently he posted a link, innocently enough, on a social networking site. He didn't expect the response he received. He'd always just believed and hadn't done a vast amount of research. When someone gave him a large number of claims he decided to set out to look into each an every one.

The result is the article below. As I was irritated that it took him away from me and E for the better part of a week, I am proud of what he accomplished. The information speaks for itself. It is important that people realize where anti-vaccination claims are actually coming from and that the news is hyping up fallacies. It may be good news to report the dangers of vaccines, and not at all entertaining to talk about what they accomplish, it is simply irresponsible and untrue.

If you disagree with vaccines, please take a look at the research. Everything he's referenced is from a highly reliable source. He and I welcome any one to inform us of anything that he may have not addressed or is not aware of. Please include links where available, as we are happy to look into anything new on the subject.


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