Monday, 15 December 2008

Never point and laugh because karma will find you

Just a quick blog as I need to study biology (bleh), but I had to share a funny story.

This evening as my husband and I returned home from a long snow covered drive from Vegas, we decided that we needed to wake our daughter up since she'd been cooped up and sleeping most of the afternoon and evening. He was changing her so I decided to go in and make funny faces at her while he finished. When he was done he picked her up and held her high in the air and of course talked gibberish to her to make her laugh. Right on cue she sneezed and then spit up all over his shirt.

I laughed so hard because her timing was impeccable! I pointed and laughed at him and pretended to high five my little 4 month old for a job well done, and well, for not being on me. I then grabbed her and because I don't learn from others mistakes, I held her high above my head and made funny faces at her. She of course spit up all over my shirt while my husband laughed at the karmic retribution. I was about to get upset, but instead laughed so hard I cried!

I mean really, it serves me right!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Sudden silence is loud

As far as colicky babies goes, my daughter was definitely borderline. I'm sure there are parents out there that have had worse. It was however frustrating to not be sure if she was going to scream at any moment. There were days when she and I would just cry together as I rocked her because I had no idea what else to do. She'd be fed, changed, just taken a nap. I would change dry diapers just to have something to do and hope that it would magically change her mood. Maybe it was just an itchy string in the previous diaper?

I kept trying to find the miracle answer online or from the doctor, but the answer seemed to be unanimous that one day it would just...stop. How could it just stop? In the midst of a holding a red-faced screaming infant you feel that there will be no other state of being.

It's been a week now and I just suddenly realized that it's been quiet. I thought I'd just gotten used to it. The silence seems as loud as the crying. Maybe it's just the residual ringing in my ears. She has not once cried without it meaning she is tired, hungry or wet. In fact, as I write this the realization dawns on me that it has been since she sat up for the first time on her own in My Gym last week. It can only get better from here as she learns to roll over and crawl.

I never thought it could happen, but truly the crying has ceased and only laughter has taken it's place. They were right. It does just stop. :)