Friday, 16 April 2010

The Preschool Dilemma

As my daughter hurls towards preschool age faster than I would like I am plagued by the preschool dilemma. Is it worth it to put her in school? Can I teach her all that she needs to know her at home? Can I give her the social environment she needs without being in school? Did I really need to be on a list for a decent school before she was even born?

There are parents who spend years working to get their kids into a good school and I commend them, but it terrifies me to think that I could put that much time in and end up not having it even be a great school. Or I could spend two years trying to get her into the school and she ends up hating it. Not to mention the thousands of dollars that could end up being spent before her 5th birthday.

Than the one thing that plagues me most...what is she going to learn while she's there? Will the school even live up to what it claims, or will I spend all this time, money and effort on glorified daycare. So many questions without answers and as I've asked myself these questions every day lately I have time and time again come to the same conclusion.

Teach her myself.

In searching for the right choice for us, I've come across the co-op preschool. I am diving full force into the unknown and attempting to start my own co-op. I have two parents ready to go along with me.

Now is the time to figure out if I need to get licensed, do I charge, how often the parents need to be involved? It's scary, but this year will be the test. Can I do it? Can I grow and build a school that will maintain itself beyond my kids?

The easy part is what I want to teach the kids. Science, skepticism, critical thinking, will all be a part of our day at the school.

Hopefully I can get a few local freethinking preschoolers to join us to expand our class size a bit. :)

Now for a name...

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